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Are you searching for ideas and lessons for your kindergarten with your theme, then you’re here at the right website. Language and math activities, worksheets, but also PE-lessons and materials with your bible lesson; You can find and download it all here. I manage the website kleuteridee.nl for Dutch kindergarten teachers. That website has between 6000 and 9500 visitors during a working day. Kindergarten.expert has been online since August 18, 2018.

Every week (with the exception of vacations) there will be coming several new ideas and downloads on these websites. Return for this reason regularly to this website to get ideas and to look at the new updates!

Although everything is translated with the utmost care, translation errors can be made. We really appreciate it if you report these errors to us. We will correct them as soon as possible.

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Teacher Petra van Ginkel
Kindergarten teacher at the Graaf Jan van Nassauschool in Vlissingen, The Netherlands


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