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Visual material for the Bible stories for kids.
Beautiful series with images to use with many Bible stories. You can show the images on the Digibord during your story or use them when the children tell the story back. If you click on the image you will come to the download page of PDF or powerpoint. There are sometimes several versions of images for a story.

►Birth of John the Baptist
►The life of Jesus



Birth of John the Baptist

A son for Zacharias and Elizabeth, bible images for kids, kindergarten expert     A son for Zacharias and Elizabeth  Bible: Luke 1:5-25 and 57-66. Number of images: 14


The life of Jesus

Gabriel speaks to Mary, bible images for kids,     Gabriel speaks to Mary  Bible: Luke 1:26-38. Number of images: 10

Jesus is born, bible images for kids,     Jesus is born  Bible: Matthew 1:18-24, Luke 2:1-7. Number of images: 29

The shepherds and the angels, bible images for kids,     The shepherds and the angels  Bible: Luke 2:8-20. Number of images: 27

Wise men visit Jesus, bible images for kids,     Wise men visit Jesus  Bible: Matthew 2:1-14. Number of images: 23

Simeon and Anna meet baby Jesus, 17 bible images for kids,     Simeon and Anna meet baby Jesus  Bible: Matthew Luke 2:22-39. Number of images: 17

The boy Jesus in the temple, 25 bible images for kids,    The boy Jesus in the temple  Bible: Matthew Luke 2:41-52. Number of images: 25


More images follow soon